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Get to know where you live


We spend much of our time at home and yet most us rarely know the actual story of the house and land upon which we live.

Both dwelling and property have a history with stored memories, energetic imbalances and unique qualities just as we the inhabitants do.

Balanced Land focuses on physical and energetic clues that may be disrupting the harmony and flow of a space and creates room for high-quality living conditions for all.

You deserve to reside in a thriving environment.

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Space Clearing

This takes deep cleaning down to an energetic level in your own living space. I will assist in freeing up stuck energy and leave the home refreshed and clarified so you can live in a harmonized atmosphere. A house-call can be made as well as a remote clearing.

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Energetic Land Restoration Work

Restoring the energetic space of a property  by accessing the Earth’s grid lines. Alignments are prescribed and made energetically to restore a healthy environment for all living beings present. This can be done on location and/or remotely with the use of maps.

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In-Between Occupancy

Want to have a clear release from your old home? A thorough energetic clearing of an empty home to conclude the previous resident ensures a fresh start for the next occupant. It may also help a swifter turn over rate.

Clues Hiding in Plain Sight: Land Restoration On a Deeper Level

The Earth contains its own blueprint for homeostasis and often times many building practices and natural phenomona can tip the scale off balance. This can cause stress and tension to a site by which plants, animals, minerals, water and humans can be adversly affected. Energetic Land Restoration Work is at the forefront in reconsiling and healing negative human impact on the planet, one property at a time. It’s designed to help connect people with the land and reinforce thriving life, as well as understanding the subtle energies the Earth emits. This engaging and unique line of work gives the mircoclimate of a property a chance to tell its story and prosper.

Energetic Maintenance & Upkeep: A Subtle Spring Cleaning

The amount of creative potential a person can tap into in the right conditions is infinate. And it can all start from your very own home. The environment you live in should meet where you and/or your family are/is at. A Space Clearing helps start the process of energetically organizing all of the accumulated information stored on a subtle level and lifts off anything not of service. By making the choice to let go of  stuck energy in your house, imagine what possibilities could come knocking at the door?

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Fresh Paint, Fresh Energy: A Missing Ingredient in Home Sales

Selling or buying a home is a monumental experience. Many times, it can be a rushed process, leaving behind unfinished goodbyes from the previous occupants or  proper hellos from the new ones. On a subtle level, these can have lasting effects on a home and even create disturbances in the sale itself.

A thorough clearing of the energy that is truly ready to leave can pave the way to an unobstructed home sale, allowing the cherished memories to remain in tact and new ones to blossom.

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Happy Clients

“I met my house after 5 years of living there!”

After years of turmoil on the current property, with one problem after another, we finally got some clarity and a sense of peace. Katherine helped us see where some root problems were coming from and how we could really fix them.

– J.D.

“My garden came back to life after 3  sessions with Katherine. She gave me out-of-this-world insight to what was going on! ” -M.P.

Restoring the land on a deeper level was and is our goal where we live. We have the unique blessing of living with many sacred spots and we wanted Katherine’s insight as to how to amplify and utilize them. She gave us incredible insight of what we as the stewards could do to to truly honor them. With her help, we dedicated an area for power-point statues on the property which help ground the energy even more!

-N.G. & A.G.

About Katherine

I have studied through first-hand experience and learned techniques the many complexities our Earth’s energy fields. The interest of our effects on and being effected by those fields led me to where we spend most of our time: at home. To give the power back to the land and its caretaker is one of my sincerist missions in life.

Based in Santa Cruz, CA I have worked with clients in person locally and as far as Ecuador on a remote basis. This line of work spans time and space making it possible and just as effective if done long distance.